EDM SA obtains funding from BOAD to strengthen the electricity network

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During the 124th board meeting held on June 25, 2021, the West African Development Bank (BOAD) announced its support for Énergie du Mali (EDM SA) through a loan of 8.5 billion CFA francs (over 15 million USD). The Malian company oversees the production, transmission and distribution of electricity in Mali.

This funding aims to strengthen the EDM-SA transmission and distribution network to avoid the overloading of electrical works, and improve the security of electricity supply in Mali, according to the BOAD based in Lomé. Financial support should strengthen positions, particularly in the Sirakoro and Lafia areas.

This financial support aims to reinforce the 10 posts, particularly in the Sirakoro and Lafia areas, which will force the authorities to replace the 15 kV, 30 MVA transformer with a 15 kV, 60 MVA transformer. Also, the installation of eight kilometres of underground cables between the Lafiabougou substation and Darsalam is planned, and the installation of additional capacitor banks in Badala, Balingué Kalaban, Kati, Kita, and Kodialani.

An initiative that should allow Mali to achieve the supply of 100 MW against 60 to 80 MW. It should be noted that a vast recovery, modernization and development program in the making provides for 2,300 billion CFA francs ($ 4.2 billion) of investments in the supply of electricity in the country over the next five years.

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