Togo: Two new solar power plants soon to be built in Sokodé and Kara

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Togo will soon have two new solar power plants: one in Salimde (Prefecture of Tchaoudjo) and the other in Awandjelo (Kozah). The Togolese government has examined two draft decrees in this direction.

The construction of these two infrastructures, after that of Kekeli recently commissioned, and that of Blitta (already ready), is part of the energy ambitions of the country, which intends to provide each region with a solar power plant. Once erected, the two future plants will complete the strategy of diversifying and increasing energy production, which began a few years ago.

For Togo, the objective is simple: reduce energy dependence on the outside world and achieve universal coverage by 2030, while increasing the share of renewable energies in the mix to 50% national energy.

Compensation and expropriation procedures will start shortly, with a view to securing the perimeters of the identified sites.

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