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Financing the Energy Transition

 Examine how African governments and project stakeholders can access affordable global finance to develop renewables projects. At FESA, you will have the opportunity to book 1-2-1 meetings with Development Finance Banks, Private Equity funds and project financiers. 

National Showcases

Government stakeholders will present an in-depth look at their country’s planned energy projects and energy policy landscape. As national policy announcements, opportunities and tenders come to market, fast track your understanding of the most compelling energy economies in Africa.

Project Showcases 

FESA will host a day of showcases from the stakeholders driving the energy transition. From IPPs outlining project criteria, to innovators providing bespoke power solutions, investors and developers will get an exclusive first look at bankable energy projects about to come to market.

Policy and Regulation

FESA will examine the rate of Africa's transition to cleaner, more accessible energy. By encouraging holistic private-public sector dialogue and discussion, we will unpack the nuances around African green economies and sustainable energy access obstacles which are yet to be overcome.  


Technology is widely regarded as the key to driving down investment costs and capex, increasing productivity and project viability and providing innovative solutions to hurdles commonly faced by emerging markets. FESA will explore the technology available on the global market to ensure Africa closes the continental power deficit.

Africa's Energy Transition 

Africa’s energy transition must necessarily differ from other parts of the world. FESA will encourage holistic discussion of the continent’s energy narrative, exploring the nuances of each African economy and its energy needs.

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