Critical Resource

Critical Resource
Critical Resource is a specialist advisor to natural resource companies on political, stakeholder and sustainability challenges. We believe that companies can unlock major commercial value by managing these challenges in a strategic and responsible way. We provide three types of services: due diligence and assurance that stakeholder, political and reputational risks are well understood and managed prior to our clients making key investments or strategic decisions; practical support at the project level to help in-country teams achieve project outcomes; and finally, group-level strategies to align and position organisations as a whole to mitigate risks and realise opportunities.
Our network of advisors combines strong industry expertise with on-the-ground intelligence in over 80 countries. Critical Resource’s Senior Advisory Panel includes eminent figures from industry, finance and global development such as Charles Holliday, Chair of Shell, Rachel Kyte, former CEO of Sustainable Energy for All, and Evy Hambro, CIO Natural Resources at BlackRock. Our core team brings together experience working for major resource firms, The Economist, McKinsey, OECD, UN, and Chatham House, among other organisations. As of 2020 we are part of the ERM group, the world largest sustainability consultancy.

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